Project Description

Cosmetic Tattooing creates a beautiful gentle madeup look, it can replace the need formakeup; pigment can be implanted into the Eyebrows, between Eyelashes and over the Lips.

Our advice when choosing your cosmetic tattoo look is to consider it your ‘everyday’ makeup look, how you would like to wake up in the morning. Not your special event or glamour evening look.

Eyebrows frame your eyes, after Tattooing your eyes will stand out and will appear larger and brighter. This procedure can be placed over existing hair, over plucked hair or sparse hair which has simply fallen out over time.

Eyeliner Tattooing is the placement of pigment along and around the lash line, it can take the form of a fine line or wide line, a wing or a tail. For a subtle look, an eye enhancement is recommended this is
achieved by placing dots between the lashes.

Lips. Stunning lips can be achieved, they will appear more defined, brighter and fuller. The full lip can be tattooed or a lip line and blend or simply the lip line only, for those of us whose lip boarder has faded. All of these Lip tattooing treatment will help you save time and enhance your lips appeal.

Tattoo Permenant Eyebrows Wollongong
Our Cosmetic tattoo studio is based in Wollongong

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