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Tattoos removed using Tattoo Vanish® protocols have been shown to outperform any other method.

We specialize in Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Advantages of the process:
  • Tattoo Vanish® is the only proven all natural tattoo removal method. Its natural saline based solution does not contain acid or other harmful chemicals.
  • The system is a non laser, all natural tattoo removal process.
  • In general, tattoos are removed in 50-75% fewer treatments than laser.
  • The process is less expensive because there are fewer treatments needed when compared to laser tattoo removal.
  • A topical anaesthetic is used, there by significantly decreasing discomfort compared to the original tattoo application.
  • Areas treated can be re-tattooed after healing. All ink colours are targeted with the Tattoo Vanish® process while laser cannot remove greens, some yellows and some blues. If white has been added to a colour to make it a different colour i.e. pink, lavender, lime green etc when touched by a laser it will turn the pigment, grey or black.
Your practitioner,

John Couldwell has been involved in the aesthetic beauty industry since the year 2000, his studies have included, Advanced Skin Science, Anatomy and Physiology, IPL, Collagen Induction Therapy plus numerous wellness and advanced Anti aging procedures.

Having an extensive understanding of the skin has enabled him to achieve a high level of success in the tattoo removal process.

John completed his Tattoo Removal studies in the United States with Tattoo Vanish®, a proven non laser, all natural process.

To start your removal process, contact John at Tattoo Vanish® Wollongong for your free consultation where an evaluation will be made regarding the removal of your tattoo or permanent makeup. At that time all of your questions will be answered.

Some Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions are- How does Tattoo Vanish® work?

A topical anaesthetic is applied to the tattoo prior to the procedure, the procedure involves retattooing the area with an anesthetic thereby  desensitizing the skin and minimising pain (unlike laser).  A natural saline solution is then applied to the tattoo, this natural saline solution reacts with the ink allowing the ink to be absorbed into the healing scab which forms over the top. The treated area will form this scab over the next 3 to 4 days.  It is essential that the scab heals and falls of naturally over the next 12 to 16 days for the procedure to be affective.  All clients are provided with full home care instructions ensuring the best result possible. Just think, less pain than laser, less number of treatment, less cost, a natural treatment with the ink removed FROM the skin notTHROUGH the body.    Plus all colours removed and it works fabulously well.

How many treatments will I need?

There are a number of factors which determine how many treatments are required, from the depth of the ink, the type of ink, the size of the tattoo, condition of the skin and the condition of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos may only require 1-3 treatments; larger ones may need 3-6 procedures or more.

What types of tattoos can be removed.

All ages, sizes and styles of tattoos can be removed. Tattoos which have been treated with laser or are older may be more stubborn due to the condition of the ink and the depth of the ink. Occasionally some traces of the ink remains being too deep to remove.

What will be the cost.

Because the number of treatment are less, the cost will be less compared with laser treatments.

Are there Complications.

All clients will have a complimentary skin consultation, where tattoo removal suitability will be assessed. All removals carry some risk of scarring, lightening or darkening of the treated area, however compared to laser the risks are much less. With the correct skin assessment, history taking and take home skin care protocols, risks can be greatly  reduced.

How do I start my tattoo removal process.

Starting your tattoo removal is as easy as contacting John at Tattoo Vanish® Wollongong for your free consultation where an evaluation will be made regarding the removal of your tattoo or permanent makeup. At that time all of your questions can be answered.

A package of treatments is available for purchase thus reducing the cost of tattoo removal in the Illawarra even further.


The removal prices are determined by the amount of ink in the tattoo and to a lesser extent the size of the tattoo. For example a tattoo may be 150mm x 150mm in size but the actual amount of ink in the tattoo may be condensed to fit in a 50mm x50mm area, so you would then only pay the 50mm x 50mm cost.

The prices below are ONLY a guide, at your free consultation a firm removal price per treatment will be determined. Normally the number of treatments required are 50% to 75% fewer than laser.
25mm x 25mm = $200 _ 50mm x 50mm = $350 _ 75mm x 75mm = $470 _ 100mm x 100mm =$650

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