NuYu offers you a range of paramedical AntiAgeing, Beauty, Spa and Wellness services, along with more conventional beauty, relaxation and pain management treatments.

There are four basic needs we focus on:

The Need to Look Good

as you can with our Cosmetic Tattooing

The need to look younger

as you can with our AntiAgeing treatments

The need to feel totally at peace and relaxed

by way of our Spa and Beauty regimes

The need for wellness

for without Wellness of body all other needs are only transient

Let us take you down a healthy path to becoming ageless on the inside as well as ageless on the outside.

NuYu is located in Mangerton near the heart of Wollongong, and is your convenient centre for all your antiageing, beauty and wellness needs.

Confidence in us is strengthened by our therapists commitment and focus on client safety, comfort and achievable results, reinforced by recent ongoing education and study allowing us to stay abreast of new treatments and technologies.

Skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, dull, ageing and dehydration are all conditions we are well trained and experienced to treat.

All of the services and products we offer have been thoroughly researched and tested – usually by us, to ensure they do indeed live up to our demanding expectations. The majority of our advertising is done by word-of-mouth – so our results must speak for themselves …

Whether or not you come to our clinic for paramedical or more conventional treatments, our therapists offer you the luxury of making your treatments as soothing and relaxing as possible in a pleasant spa environment.