Boz Urukalo

Boz Couldwell

Boz has been involved in the health and beauty industry since 2000 when she began her studies in advanced skin science, anatomy and physiology. Her passion for the health of the human body and ultimately skin led her to training in the United States in “advanced cosmetic tattoo procedures”. The creativity and passion Boz has for Beauty and Health is what drives her perfectionist nature; thus ensuring that you receive the best possible result.

Commitment to constant and ongoing education is paramount to Boz, so you can feel safe that she understands the latest techniques and only uses the highest quality materials.

Don’t trust your face to anyone, your skin is important and needs to be treated by a trained professional who understands style, technique, colour, balance and also the life of the skin itself.

John Couldwell

John Couldwell

John has had more than 16 years professional experience as a qualified Remedial Massage practitioner. He employs a number of techniques to reduce pain, increase mobility and create greater whole body wellness.

John’s involvement in the Beauty Industry began more than 10 years ago with studies in Anatomy and Physiology, Skin Science, IPL and advanced antiageing techniques. His enthusiasm and passion has equipped him well for achieving outstanding results in such fields as skin rejuvenation, pigmentation reduction, collagen induction therapy (needling) and chronic/acute pain management.

John completed his Tattoo Removal studies in the United States with Tattoo Vanish®, a proven non laser, all natural process. Having an extensive understanding of the skin has enabled him to achieve a high level of success in the tattoo removal process.